Welcome to Lakshmans Plastics Private Limited.
   We provide a range of Packaging Solutions in the fields of    Plastics. The company has a manufacturing capacity of 200 MT    which is equivalent to approximately 2 million bags per month
   in various sizes.

   We are able to satisfy diverse customer requirements,    economically and reliably using skilled man powers, the best
   raw materials and integrated manufacturing process.

   Our Product are rated to be the best available in the country,
   and we have been exporting to various countries like CIS    Countries, UAE, Africa, Latin America.


Regular Exporters to Somalia      UAE      Russia      Spain      Germany      Africa     

Circular looms

 Our plant has been setup with latest machinery  compromising of 3 Tape Lines with 65 Circular Looms(4  shuttle & 6 shuttle),Stitching Machines,Printing  Machines,  baling machine etc..
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 Woven bags and sacks of HDPE/PP and Liner Bags offer  several advantages over other industrial packaging  materials.     
  • Moisture proof - HDPE/PP Bags are inherently moisture                                repellent.

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